Weight loss means addition rather than subtraction

Losing weight can conjure up images of endless dieting and the heroic effort of exercising. Although a good diet and exercise is essential in losing weight, it does not have to seem like a chore. If you want to lose weight, the best way is to think of the things you can add to your life rather than what you will subtract. While this perspective may seem unorthodox, it can be the x-factor in losing weight effectively, efficiently and in a healthy way.

Add foods in your diet, but the good ones

Do you like apples? Crunchy celery or snow peas? How about foods that contrast in texture? How about Almonds?  If you have a food you particularly like and it happens to be healthy, feel free to add it regularly to your diet. Apples and pears can take the place of chips during snacks. They can be added to plain yoghurt instead of the artificially flavored kinds. Vegetables can be added to soup. Wheat bread can take the place of garlic bread for pasta and soups. Almonds and nuts can add extra texture to foods. Sooner or later, these seemingly simple additions will bear fruit and you can even find yourself substituting other fruits and vegetables in place of your favorites.

Exercise isn’t confined to the gym

Losing weight means burning fat through activity. Exercise fits into the picture. But most people who encounter the word “exercise” often avoid it altogether because of the tediousness it implies. Buying exercise clothes, gym membership, sweating it out in the gym before or after work. However, exercise isn’t confined to the four walls of the gym. Walking for instance, is a good way to exercise. A short walk a few minutes a day can surprisingly burn calories. At work, take the flight of stairs rather than the elevator. Swimming at the beach or pool, riding a bike is a good way to exercise and lose weight. It could be a more fun experience when family and loved ones are involved. Play Frisbee or a sport with your kids. Even walking and playing with your dog can kick start your desire for physical activity and cause you to lose unwanted pounds.

Drink Up

Not the alcoholic kind, though. Drinking water rather than sodas or alcohol can help you lose weight effectively. A glass of water before a meal can prevent you from feeling famished and overeating. Water also cleans your body of toxins and is calorie-free compared to sodas and fruit juices that can be full of sugar and other chemicals. If you want a little more flavor with your water, add the juice of a fruit or slices of the fruit. Lemons can give water a more refreshing taste, so does a sprig of mint. Most people often confuse thirst for hunger, so a drink of water prevents you from eating when what your body really needs is to rehydrate.

Adding certain things to your diet can help you lose weight at the right pace without compromising the nutritional needs of your body. But more importantly, add a little patience when you plan to lose weight. Anything drastic, which includes weight loss, is never good. And sooner or later, when you get the hang of adding healthy practices, you can find that it’s easier to subtract the bad habits as well.