Why living a healthy lifestyle isn’t as difficult as it seems

The mere mention of living a healthy lifestyle can make a lot of people cringe. They often imagine eating a ridiculous amount of salad, exercising until they drop and generally live a boring life. However, turning over a new leaf does not have to drastically change your life. There are ways to slowly, but surely, ease you in to living a healthier lifestyle. The trick is to slowly bring balance to your life.

Eat smart

Most people eat three meals a day.  More often than not, dinner is usually the largest meal. For a healthier alternative, make breakfast the heavier meal. If you love eating meat, you don’t have to avoid it entirely. Just choose a leaner cut. You can also eat fish and beans as protein alternatives in your diet. People with a sweet tooth, need not skip out on dessert, just eat it in moderation or substitute in with fruits. Also, decrease your sodium intake. That means less salt when cooking and seasonings when the food is already served. If you are not sure about a particular food’s sodium level, check the nutritional level. Try to eat more vegetables. If you do not particularly like vegetables, cook them in a way that can be palatable. For instance, whole wheat pasta with vegetables in homemade tomato sauce can be more appealing than a salad.

Do some exercises

Hearing the word “exercise” alone can be tiring for some people. But exercise is crucial in living a healthy lifestyle. Although you don’t have to train like you are going to the Olympics. Walking is an often overlooked exercise. Thirty minutes of walking at least three times a day can make a difference. Hiking or swimming, especially with friends and loved ones, during the weekends can be a fun way of being active without actually thinking that you are exercising. Brief stretching exercises at work or taking the stairs instead of the elevator can jumpstart the desire for more physical activity.

Mental and emotional health matters

Mental and emotional health are often overlooked when people mention a healthy lifestyle. However, you can’t achieve a healthy lifestyle with only the physical aspect in check, there has to be balance. Having a healthy mental and emotional disposition does not necessarily involve intense meditation or some Zen-like discipline. It can mean a restful sleep, seven to nine hours, so you can fully relax. It could mean a hobby, sport or leisure activity to distract you from the stress of life. You may find that doing a crossword puzzle occasionally can keep your mind sharp. Trying something new, like eating food you haven’t tried, visiting a different place can do wonders. Clinical studies also show that people with great social connections, like family and friends, often have healthy emotional and mental dispositions.

Finally, learn to appreciate the good things in life. It’s easy to take a lot of things for granted, that’s why some people often give in to stress and the unhealthy lifestyle routes it leads to. But appreciating the simple joys in life, like having food on your plate, family and friends, a job and even seeing the beauty of nature can lead you to a healthier lifestyle.